About Maria


Maria J McMahon

Maria is an Intuitive Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Trauma Recovery Specialist, experienced in working with clients to heal and clear any blocks that stand between them and manifesting a life they love.

My Experience

Being born intuitive and sensitive to energy sparked in Maria a natural interest in metaphysics, especially in how it relates to the human psyche. This interest led her to study Neuro-linguistic programming with Dr Richard Bandler, after which she trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Later she also trained as a Thought Field Therapist and a Psychometric Assessor.

Maria’s training in combination with her work with clients who had experienced challenging childhoods led her to discover that our minds are very much programmed during childhood, and that our experiences (especially traumatic ones) have the potential to wire into our minds limiting beliefs that hide away in our subconscious, keeping us from our natural ability to manifest a life we love.

Through working with her own subconscious mind and teaching her clients to do the same, Maria found that it is entirely possible to hack into the subconscious and to clear out any limiting beliefs hiding away there, allowing us to reprogram our minds with beliefs that are in alignment with the truth of who we are, and the manifestation of our dreams.

Maria wrote Belief Alchemist as a step by step guide for this process, to help as many people as possible to rediscover the creative power of the human mind and to join others around the globe in manifesting a better world.

If you would like to work with Maria to clear any blocks that are keeping you from manifesting a life you love, one to one coaching is available here.